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Controls (Mouse):
  • Left: Reverse conveyors, select/place machine, select/Command employee, change paint colour
  • Middle: Create / Destroy Conveyor
  • Right: Deselect (Debug: generate matter ball)

It's the Holiday Season and Grit's promoted you to supervise the factory! Build a conveyor circuit to produce the required products, make a killer profit and celebrate with a few beers.

  1. Make the necessary Coloured Product
  2. Send out the required amount to the truck
  3. ???
  4. Profit!!

  • Paint - Colours Matter (click to change colour)
  • Matter - Produces Matter for Shipping
  • Goat - Cheap and Efficient at Bleating
  • Beer - Gets everyone Excited
  • Sleeping Gas - Activated via shiny button

This is a 3-day build for TOJAM13, 2018.

by Tyson Moll. Audio by Alex Metcalfe